Campaign against obsolete, threatening cat’s eyes go viral

The citizens of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Wednesday passionately called for early removal of obsolete and broken cat’s eyes from the Federal Capital’s roads as they were serious threat to the public safety, giving city an uncivilized look.
Members of public voiced serious concerns over sticking out nails of these broken road studs that were not only causing gruesome injuries during road accidents but also puncturing the tyres of their vehicles.
The concerned citizen, who are also actively engaged in a social media campaign to remove heavy metal studs, termed the practice as archaic in civilized world and asked the authorities concerned to use flexible rubber dome for the safety of public lives and property.
Talking to APP, Shabraiz Iqbal, a resident of I-9 sector said these cat’s eyes had been banned across the world after criticism by the road-users. However, these studs were still found on every road, highways and even though in the streets of Federal Capital.
He informed that one of his friend recently bore a serious injury as a nail of broken cat’s eye penetrated inside his head.
Urging the authorities concerned, Shabraiz said, though removal of the cat’s eyes from every road of the capital may take time but at least , the departments concerned should fix the broken ones timely.
The message circulating on Face book,Whats app and Twitter titled #Say No to Cat’s eyes, reads that “The reflective road studs or “cat’s eye” that are used in the world to mark the lanes are used as speed breakers in Pakistan. These are highly harmful for cars & motor bikes tyres. In fact they damage cars’ suspension and skidding off can lead to serious accident.’
Meanwhile, Capital Development Authority (CDA) Director Roads and Maintenance Abdul Fateh said massive campaigns were a need of hour as majority of drivers were unaware of traffic rules and disciplines.
The director informed that road studs had different sizes of four , six and eight inches. The studs of four inches were installed on majority of roads but they were forced to install big cat’s eyes before schools, mosques and hospitals as the CDA received complaints in bulk regarding hit and run cases, he claimed. “The drivers receive jerk when they drive through these cat’s eyes and are compelled to lessen the speed of their vehicles,” Fateh added.
He said the CDA had to face severe criticism at different platforms and after that the department had abandoned the idea of installing these cat’s eyes on further roads.—APP

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