Campaign against military

The entire nation fully support strong armed forces having capability and capacity to defend geographical frontiers of the motherland yet this very ability of our armed forces itches very much in the eyes of our opponents. This is why one often sees vilification campaign, run through different platforms, against the forces.
London based English newspaper ‘The Economist’ has once again come up with an article against Pakistan Army that has nothing to do with reality. The article has blamed Pakistan Army for all the country’s ills including poverty, and fostering paranoia and extremism. Firstly to put the record straight, the country’s nuclear arsenals pose no threat to the world as has been alleged in the article rather these have served as a deterrent and stopped our arch enemy India from carrying out any major misadventure across the border. In fact we were forced to become a nuclear power after belligerent India took hold of the deadly technology. Then it is not Pakistan or its army that is blocking rapprochement with India rather the Indian leadership is not ready to sit and address the long standing disputes including the core Jammu and Kashmir dispute out of sheer intransigence and belligerence.
Then country’s defence budget is also peanuts when compared with India which in fact has been seen on a defence equipment buying spree over the last few years as it is inducting advanced weapons from different sources including the United States, Israel, Russia and France. As long as India does not move forward to resolve outstanding disputes and cut its military expenditure, Pakistan is compelled to upgrade its defence capabilities through suitable technologies. In fact no independent country can make any compromise on its defence and the same applies to Pakistan. These defence capabilities then are not mere India specific. In fact had the Army not been strong and well trained, the country would never have been able to register the successes it has in the war against terrorism — a fact duly acknowledged by several major capitals.
As regards economic challenges and the ills like poverty are concerned, there is a need to take a realistic analysis of the entire situation and the fact is that festering conflicts in the region particularly the one in Afghanistan has held Pakistan back from exploiting its full potential. Then of course our own domestic issues such as bad governance and corruption have also remained major contributors to this plight. But as peace has largely been restored in the country as a result of relentless operation by our security forces against terrorists, the prospects are bright for the country, which is strategically located and has immense potential in different sectors. The way our forces are ensuring territorial sovereignty of our country, the political leadership is now also on the right path of deliverance to ensure economic sovereignty and lift people out of poverty. We have no doubt in saying that the country is poised to get its due status in comity of nations and the adversaries are bound to bite the dust.
We see the maligning of state institutions as a conspiracy by international lobbies to sabotage economic revival and continuity of democracy. Together as a nation we have to foil the plot by pursuing the course that is in the national interest and takes the country forward on path of sustainable development. Those speaking against armed forces should know that their propaganda campaign couldn’t undermine the credibility of our security institutions. The entire nation is at the back of its armed forces who put their lives at risk to ensure country’s safety.

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