Campaign against ISI

Pakistan and India are two neighbouring foes. Pakistan has always tried to become a friendly state towards neighbours but India’s attitude is vice versa. India always tries to tarnish Pakistan’s image at the international front. It blames Pakistan’s security agency ISI for every terrorism act or for the movements of freedom inside India. Recently, Indian Chief of army staff General Rawat again blamed ISI for the Sikh movement named “Khalistan”. General Rawat revealed that the outfit has its activist in the UK and US. Covertly ISI is supporting Sikhs. Indian media is supporting its government in this blame game.
Looking into the history, India represents itself as a secular state but in reality India is a Hindu-dominated State. In Indian Law, Sikhism is not considered as a separate religion rather they are considered as Hindus. At the time of independence and 3 wars against Pakistan, Sikhs remained an integral part of the Indian Army. Later on, Sikhs demanded their born right of religious independence. Former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi was the first who used armed forces against Sikhs. The Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple, the most sacred place of Sikhs. Thereafter, the Sikhs body guards of Indira Gahndhi killed her which led to mass murder of Sikhs at the hands of Hindus.
Around 12,000 Sikhs were killed, including women and children. This lit fire in the hearts of Sikhs. They raised the movement named “Khalistan Movement”. Since then, the Movement is continuing its struggle. The formal Declaration of Khalistan was issued on April 29, 1986. In this declaration, it was made mandatory for every Sikh to abide by the Declaration and support Khalistan Cause. At that time, Indian Government blamed Pakistan for supporting the Sikhs.
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