Cameron appeals to older Britons to stay in EU

London—Prime Minister David Cameron appealed directly to older Britons considering voting to leave the European Union, urging them on Tuesday to think about the hopes and dreams of their children and grandchildren in casting their ballots.
Two days before a referendum on EU membership, Cameron appealed directly to the most Euroskeptic segment of the population. Standing in front of the black door of his office on 10 Downing St., he said leaving the bloc would risk the country’s economic security — and younger generations would have to live with the consequences.
“They can’t undo the decision we take,” he said. “If we vote out, that’s it. It’s irreversible.”
Cameron’s appeal seemed directed at many who grew up in the shadow of the moment when Britain was a great empire — the nation that stood against the bulwark of Nazi tyranny during World War II. These voters, many of them Conservatives, have seemed prepared to ditch the EU project all together.
Cameron tried to assure them that Britain remains a great country — even if it is part of a 28-nation bloc.
“Brits don’t quit,” he said. “We get involved, we take a lead. We make a difference. We get things done.”—AP

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