Camel milk

Shay Ateeq Gulab

Camel milk has been used for medicinal purposes in different parts of the world including Middle East, due to the fact that it has low level of saturated fat and high level of essential nutrients. It is observed that a camel has the quality to produce milk of good composition and quantity fit for human health. Above all, it has a high vitamins and mineral content and immunoglobin. The milk is beneficial which makes us strong and has some health benefits. The use of camel milk prevents diabetes, improves the immune system, stimulates circulation, treats autism, lessens allergic reactions, promotes growth development, protects against certain immune diseases and boosts heart health.
The ratio of camel population in Balochistan is 36.43%, Punjab is 33.51%, Sindh is 22.76% and KP is 7.30%. In spite of the country’s large population of camels, they mostly ignore camels and particularly their milk, which is more nutritious and important for survival. Camel milk is used in different varieties and used in daily needs. The population of camel is growing owing to rising demand of camel milk, as it is believed that the milk is lower in fat and lactose and higher in potassium, iron and vitamin C. Unfortunately, in Pakistan there is no market of camel milk. The country can produce a large quantity of milk which is essential for the economy of Pakistan. I request the government to take serious action to promote market of camel milk.
—Kech, Balcohistan

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