Call to engage youth in election process

Ban on student politics has excluded youth perceptive from politics

Zubair Qureshi

National Youth Assembly of Pakistan has demanded code for Youth of Pakistan in upcoming general elections and also in the Upper House of the Parliament. Special Social media Mobilization campaign for voter’s attention must be launched and ECP should launch its own Electronic Media Channel, demands the assembly. The National Youth Assembly has also appreciated role of ECP in addition of “Youth Councilor” in recent local bodies Elections.
While addressing a youth briefing session at the Election Commission, Additional Secretary of the ECP Fida Muhammad and Hanan Ali Abbasi said Pakistani youth remained less-engaged in decision making process, because of previous bans on student politics that excluded young people from engagement in politics.
They were of the view that future of Pakistan was in the hand of the youth so the government should encourage young professionals in decision making process of the country.
The political system needs to be reviewed to ensure inclusivity. President NYA, Hanan Ali Abbasi, Youth Ministers, Basim Naser , Umair Raza and Kinza Mumtaz informed ECP officials that, the National Youth Assembly (NYA) has become first leading youth institution of the country which has obtained a proper License from related commission of the Government of Pakistan.
Thirty Leading Universities and 59 Governmental District Administrations formally recognized the NYA, and providing us Govt halls and security for our sessions.
The NYA is the largest youth forum to hold youth parliamentary sessions where thousands of young Pakistanis are taking part in different youth parliamentary sessions of the NYA to become future leaders, bureaucrats, social workers, philosophers and responsible citizens.
The sessions were held at Election Commission of Pakistan’s headquarter in which 35 selected members of the NYA shared their research proposals with high-ups of the ECP. Additional Secretary Mr. Fida Muhammad Election, Director General, Information Technology, Muhammad Khizer Aziz, Director General, Research, Javed Rehmat Khan greatly appreciate the role and responsibilities of the National Youth Assembly.
The members of National Youth Assembly expressed gratitude to the efforts of ECP for advancement of ECP stature. Many piratical and valuable suggestions were presented by the Members of the National Youth Assembly. Members of the NYA, Mudassar Ghulam Nabi, Mirza Ahsan Baig, Mudassar Hussain, Maria Hussain, Junaid Khan and Syed Izaz Shah informed the house that NYA’s national activities of youth councilors were recognized by the recent local government ordinance and issuance of discounted student transport cards, introduction of student welfare prize bonds, induction of Prime Minister youth program and various other demands the government of Pakistan took steps which practically enhanced confidence of its members associated with National Youth Assembly.

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