Call to develop strategy on ‘science communication’

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COMSTECH organized an International Workshop on “Science Communication: Enhancing Public Understanding” in collaboration with Technology Times at its Secretariat here on Tuesday.
The workshop aimed at highlighting the Science communication which is the key to the real treasure of the scientific knowledge, by virtue of which scientific knowledge and concepts could be carried to the public.
People can be benefited with new advancements in science and technology and enable them to fight against hunger, drought, diseases, social and economic problems. Being aware of this fact, science communication in OIC countries especially in Pakistan has yet to come out of its present stage of infancy.
Fazal Abbas Maken, Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology inaugurated the two-day workshop and deliberated on the importance of science communication for both academia and media industry to spread knowledge among the public. He further mentioned that, Science could be disseminated with the societal development. This cannot be provided without engagement of public and media organizations. The science communication is vital for any society but it is significantly important for the developing society.
He assured the support of Ministry of Science and Technology in advancement of Science Communication in institutions and expanding media sciences. He further said that, the workshop engaging Technology Times is a great initiative of COMSTECH to raise awareness among the public and media in particular to highlight the progress and advancements science can made in betterment of the country.
Dr. Shaukat Hameed Khan, Coordinator General, COMSTECH, Mr. Fobio Turone, Research Fellow, Knight Science Journalism Program, MIT, Syed Mustafa Ali Zaidi Paras, Executive Editor Technology Times shared their invaluable experiences in promotion of science communication in Pakistan. The International Workshop was attended by scientists, academicians, students and officials of Government of Pakistan.
During the workshop, it was identified that due to lack of interest of scientific knowledge and its slow propagation and penetration among larger number of population, science interest is fizzling out more in developing countries. In order to diffuse this situation, immediate measures must be taken. And so the concept of this workshop evolved.

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