Call for cyber policy that could ensure civilian, military defence

Seminar on ‘Cyber Secure Pakistan’

Zubair Qureshi

Speakers at a seminar titled ‘Cyber Secure Pakistan: Policy Framework’ emphasized such a cyber policy as could ensure civilian and military defence of the country. The Centre for Global & Strategic Studies (CGSS) had organized the seminar which was addressed by eminent defence analysts, experts on national security and architects of the country’s cyber policy.
The aim of the seminar was to create awareness among the masses with regard to emerging technologies in the cyber world and to devise a unified cybersecurity policy of the country as the mechanisms to regulate the cyber space has become an important feature of national security. The seminar is an initiative to formulate a possible consolidated cybersecurity strategy.
Chairman CGSS Lt Gen (R) Zahir Ul Islam in his opening remarks stated that the government must pass well-articulated legislation that provides a legal framework for law enforcement and intelligence agencies to operate under. A transparent process, with input from the private sector, needs to be developed for accessing communications data when national security is at risk. Pakistan must develop a centralised command that serves as the central organisation responsible for the development of military capabilities in the cyber realm. This cyber command should be tasked with modernising Pakistan’s cyber defences, both in the military and civilian domain. The government, military, and the private sector must come together to develop a framework for securing the country’s critical infrastructure from cyberattacks.
Secretary National Security Division, Government of Pakistan Syed Iftikhar Hussain Babar highlighted the significance of cyber security.

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