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Zaheer Bhatti

That there is no love lost between India and Pakistan ever since their creation, neither the two nor the rest of the world will deny, but why it is so unfortunately few realize while the rest fail to fathom the gravity of the situation to act resolutely for the sake of global peace. This is a call attention notice to world conscience.
The world for a change has reacted despite Indian ban on media and Human Rights Groups to access Indian occupied Kashmir to monitor the unrest and uprising by its third generation against unabated brutalities of Indian occupation forces for the last 68 years which has been capped by slaying of their youthful symbol of Burhanuddin Wani by the brute Indian Force setting aflame the entire State of Jammu and Kashmir, which would now stop nothing short of freedom from Indian clutches.
And just when the Prime Minister of Pakistan was poised to address the UN General Assembly to expose Indian intransigence, India stages the Uri sector attack blaming it as usual on Pakistan in a crude attempt to divert world attention yet again from its own dastard acts in occupied Kashmir, and State terrorism inside Pakistan of which it makes no secret any more as revealed by its in-service KalbhoshanYadev netted in Pakistan, further evidenced by its offer of political asylum to Brahmdagh Bugti and his henchmen working for long under Indian tutelage, tacit support to Mullah Fazlullah in carrying out targeted attacks in Pakistan besides financing MQM Chief exiled in London to spout venom and instigate his followers against Pakistan.
But no sane person would buy the current Indian allegation as Pakistan could not be so stupid as to launch or aid an attack in Indian-held Kashmir when the latest Kashmir uprising had itself provided it a God-sent opportunity to aggressively restate its case to the world on the unfinished agenda of Independence over which standing UN Resolutions have asked the two countries to decide the fate of the State of Jammu and Kashmir through a vote as to where the Kashmiris wished to belong.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ignoring the phony allegation implicating Pakistan made within hours of the Uri theatrics, strongly stated the Kashmir case in his address at the UN General Assembly last Wednesday exposing the ugly Indian face and demanded an Independent Fact Finding Mission of the UN to probe Indian brutalities in Kashmir. He aptly stressed that lack of initiative and apathy by the UN over its promised plebiscite had resulted in continued genocide and repression by India in the State of Kashmir which after gunning down of its youthful leader Burhanuddin Wani had culminated into the Kashmiri Intefada with young and old men, women and children, armed only with the resolve and faith in freedom, defying curfew, teargasing, baton charging and pellet gunfire by Indian troops.
The world body needs to contemplate as to who was designed to be the beneficiary of such an act. Pakistan already has its plate full of problems created by its unfriendly neighbours and so-called allies, and cannot afford any adventurism with a hostile neighbour. The Prime Minister of Pakistan though indirectly referred to external interference in Pakistan during his address, he ought to have posed the square question to world conscience as to who was engaged in terrorism; India on account of the above and much more or Pakistan whose sacrifices of over sixty thousand innocent citizens besides several thousand valued troops in fighting the menace of terrorism culminating into Zarb-e-Azb under the National Action Plan had been acknowledged worldwide. He should have thus pre-empted the phony rumpus against Pakistan for allegedly supporting terrorism which India always resorted to each time it felt cornered on any account, and was most likely to raise the same at the UN to deflect from its own crimes.
Nawaz Sharif also needed to draw home to his audience at the UN General Assembly that he on his part risked his personal reputation to make overtures to India for the sake of regional peace and offered to resume mutual dialogue with a view to normalize trade relations despite a profusely loaded home opposition to Narender Modi the Butcher of Muslims in Indian Gujerat and responsible for burning alive dozens of Pakistani Muslims aboard Samjhota Express, a train meant to resume traffic for normalization between the two neighbours.
As to the purported attack on Uri Garrison Indian Army stronghold promptly blamed upon Pakistan, the Indian leadership had the cheek to threaten surgical strikes against Pakistan as a consequence. Pakistan was quick to respond to Indian jingoism by asking for evidence rather than usual rhetoric while expressing its preparedness to thwart any adventurism against the country. With several days gone the Indians have failed to produce any evidence of Pakistan’s involvement, identify the attackers or the allegedly slain troops in the purported encounter. Hearsay again has it that it was an accidental oil depot blast at the Military Base which was considered a fit occasion to manufacture a plot to implicate Pakistan at the heels of the UNGA in order to deflect from the ugly Indian role in Kashmir.
But if for argument’s sake the supposed attack did actually take place, had the attackers been Pakistanis and unless wearing a Solomon’s cap, how did they manage to cross a heavily patrolled multi-layered barbed fenced all along the Line of Control graciously allowed to be built by Musharraf. And if they were indeed from among the Kashmiris themselves engaging the heavily fortified Army Garrison for several hours, while one would salute the bravado of the freedom fighters, in both eventualities the Indian Forces need to hide their rank incompetence in shame and go jump in the nearest lake rather than make noise over it. He went an extra mile towards a man once declared a terrorist and denied entry even into the US, only to be paid back the way being witnessed by the world today. The same was being experienced in the case of Afghanistan fleeing millions of refugees Pakistan continues to embrace for well over three decades, was mindlessly generating hostile vibes on Indian instigation; an unfortunate spurning and let-down by its neigbours.
Lamentable also are some voices among Pakistan’s own opinion makers who consider that Indian propaganda trying to implicate Pakistan in the farcical URI episode, had by any stretch of imagination put it on the back foot. To the contrary if anything, it had provided an opportunity to Pakistan to be on the offensive over Indian puerile efforts to divert attention from its carnage in Kashmir, and nail the Indian lie over its allegation as they grope to manufacture evidence against its failing which they have been forced to lower their war-mongering hysteria with their own quarters advising them not to risk any military adventure against a battle-ready Pakistan. General Raheel Shareef’s message to India has also been unambiguous.
One must nevertheless give singular credit to Nawaz Sharif for bringing the Kashmir Issue alive in each of his terms in office while all other Parties including the one that promised a thousand years war of attrition but allowed it to be shoved under the carpet for decades while his daughter upon Rajiv Gandhi’s asking removed the Kashmir Highway Road sign during his visit to Pakistan. While Nawaz Sharif made it a point to raise the issue in three successive UN General Assembly Sessions, all others in their turns failed to pluck courage.
— The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran former Director of programmes.

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