Cabinet reposes confidence in PM

THE Federal Cabinet, in its meeting on Thursday, disposed of a lengthy and comprehensive agenda including approval for signing of MoUs and agreements with a number of countries aimed at forging bilateral relations with them in diverse fields. The heavy agenda confirmed the tendency of keeping things pending unnecessarily and bringing items for discussion only during emergency mode, which is unfortunate.
Anyhow, crux of the Thursday’s meeting was an announcement by the Prime Minister not to resign on any one’s call and endorsement of his decision by his cabinet colleagues, who urged him to fight the battle both on legal and political fronts to vindicate his person and honour. The full expression of confidence by the Cabinet on Prime Minister negated speculations and rumours of a rift in the Cabinet on the issue of Mian Nawaz Sharif resignation. The development sent a clear message to all that the PM enjoys confidence of the Cabinet as well as his party. The Opposition demand for Prime Minister to step down is understandable but counselling of the Cabinet to fight out the case on legal and political fronts carries weight. This is because allegations have been levelled against the Prime Minister not on the basis of any wrongdoing as chief executive of the country but his family business. Deeper analysis of the JIT report by legal and financial experts is making the situation clearer as they point out glaring flaws in the report and inappropriate remarks and comments passed on by members of the team. If findings of the JIT are not based on facts and material evidence then there should be no question of seeking resignation from the Prime Minister. Therefore, those demanding resignation of the Prime Minister should better wait for the case to be heard and decided by the Supreme Court, which is set to do so from Monday. In the meanwhile, we would urge the Prime Minister to restrain his colleagues from raising political temperatures unnecessarily and instead wisdom demands the Prime Minister should enlist support of coalition partners and other political parties. We have also been emphasising in these columns that the Prime Minister should focus on consultations with his own party men and tendency of relying heavily on kitchen cabinet and a select group of bureaucrats should be shunned.

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