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Cabinet on track

THOUGH the critics of PTI government are labelling it as incompetent and incapable, yet the matter of fact is that it is striving hard with good intent to steer the country out of current crisis and bring improvement in different spheres.
Federal Cabinet which is meeting regularly every week took important decisions on Tuesday especially in the education and power sectors. It reportedly approved a uniform curriculum for all education institutions in the country including thirty thousand seminaries. Credit for bringing this uniform syllabus definitely goes to Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood who engaged with all the stakeholders including the private sector to come up with such a syllabus that ends the class based education system and serves the purpose of creating national unity and cohesion. Implementation of these reforms both in the public sector and seminaries would help raise the standard of education but it could only be achieved if proper emphasis is also given to the training of teachers and faculty as per the modern day requirements. The next most important decision taken by the Cabinet was about the issue of circular debt in the power sector which indeed is haunting the country for the last two decades but previous governments did not make any serious effort to address it and the result is that today it has reached the unmanageable level. The government has now decided to reduce it in phases and completely overcome it by end of next year which will definitely increase the sector’s efficiency and reliability. But this should be done without putting too much burden on the consumers. Government rather should focus more on plugging leakages and go ahead with a sustained campaign against power theft without any discrimination besides ensuring recoveries from the defaulters including those in the public sector. It is also good to see that the government is going ahead with its austerity drive as the Cabinet also decided to abolish all of the budgetary allocation for ministries and divisions meant for entertainment and gift purposes. We will also ask the Prime Minister to lift the ban on recruitment in the public sector as currently thousands of seats are lying vacant in different departments. Filling them on a permanent basis will not only be in line with the PTI’s manifesto of providing jobs to the youth but it will also help improve the performance of these departments. So overall the Federal Cabinet is on the right track and taking tough decisions to take matters towards improvement. However, it should not forget giving relief to the inflation-hit masses especially in the upcoming budget.