Cabinet forms task forces

THE Federal Cabinet, in its third meeting, discussed in detail the 100-day plan of PTI Government and decided to set up several task forces to present recommendations for implementation of pledges made by the party leadership in this regard. These task forces have been assigned the task of firming up plans for creating ten million jobs, building five million houses and reforming the Federal Government and accountability laws besides evolving consensus on creation of South Punjab province.
There is an unfortunate impression that the new government is supposed to realise all these targets just in one hundred days whereas this is humanely impossible to carry out such a heavy agenda in such a short period. However, going by the fact that PTI is considered to be a methodical party having experts of all sorts to give input for various reforms and programmes, the party should have prepared plans for first 100 days in anticipation of its assumption of power. Programmes and plans should have been launched with some changes as per ground realities and the task forces given responsibility for their faithful implementation. Anyhow, we hope that all these forces would move quickly towards formulation of workable strategies to realise the goals set by the party leadership and one may expect this as Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken upon himself to monitor progress of all task forces on a fortnightly basis. Creation of jobs should be the high priority as our universities and educational institutions are producing qualified manpower in thousands every year but only a fraction of them find job because of market conditions and shrinking governmental activities.
At present, jobs are mostly created due to public sector development schemes and the role of the private sector is negligible in the absence of required incentives for investment. Apart from law & order and security situation, the cost of doing business in Pakistan is quite high as compared to many other countries and it is obvious that investment flees to attractive destinations. The government should, therefore, also focus on industrialisation and investment attraction especially from Overseas Pakistanis. Construction of five million houses through public-private partnership and provision of right incentives for housing sector has the potential to stimulate the economy and also create hundreds of thousands of jobs. Strengthening of accountability laws would be a step in the right direction but every effort should be made to ensure the process is not seen as victimisation and it does not scare the investors. As for creation of a new province, this is a hollow slogan and is unlikely to yield any positive result, as the proposition is not criteria based but politically motivated.

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