But who listens to Pope?

POPE Francis has condemned the habit of linking Islam with terrorism, saying that “nearly all religions” have a “small group of fundamentalists”. Reporters aboard the Catholic leader’s plane flying him back to Rome on Sunday after a pilgrimage to Poland, asked him why he never uses the world “Islam” to describe terrorism or other violence and his reply was “It’s not right to identify Islam with violence. It’s not right and it’s not true.”
It is good of the Pope Francis for trying to dispel the widely prevailing but wrong perception of equating Islam and its followers with terrorism. It is not for the first time as he made similar remarks in the past as well which gave a loud and clear message that he believes in co-existence and is keen to make people of all faiths realize that all revealed religions stand for peace, love and brotherhood. But unfortunately, the Establishment and governments in almost every country have their own mindset and agenda and after dismemberment of the Soviet Union, now agenda of some of the Western countries is to cut Muslim countries into pieces. This is already visible in East Timor, Sudan, Myanmar, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Iraq and the conspiracies being hatched to destabilize other Muslim countries. Think tanks are employed to do research against Islam and its believers. Like other religions, some practioners of Islam might be misguided but to link a revealed religion to terrorism is a sin and we hope Pope would continue hammering this point.

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