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Sabir Haider

Apart from opening a shop and selling something to survive, people have found out new ways to earn money. This path remains respected in the eyes of the nation and everyone motivates you. A person can earn money by opening a private school. Obliviously, a private school will soon earn popularity and attract many people towards itself.
The students as well as their parents become too happy to have their child in a private sector school. They find a way to brighten the future of their child. Unfortunately, they never see the side effects. When the school gets enough popularity and students, it starts doing business. Though the school was opened to educate the nation but seeing the money coming in millions, the aim of the school changes and then it starts going through a new aim which is to gain money at any angle.
That’s why nowadays people plan to open a school rather than wasting the time in some other business concern or a shop. The nation is being made fool, it is being looted but yet we are silent and just waiting for a miracle to take place. Nothing will happen unless we step forward and raise our voice against this. This is our generation and we need to make it go towards brightness.
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