Business etiquette

A major proportion of human beings in general have no trouble in talking but a lot of us could use some help in getting our message across effectively, especially in business related dealings where not being able to get the message across effectively could result in catastrophic results. Successful exchange of ideas and information is a vital ingredient to a successful business conduct, and even more so in our current time of rapid technological development.
Business etiquette and effective communication should not be adhered to only in face to face dealing but also when communicating on the phone, through email, instant messaging, video conferencing and any other communication channel for that matter. They involve specific skills that everyone possesses but may require to be worked on intentionally like “Listening” to understand the other person’s point of view which puts us in a better position to effectively exchange ideas and information. Listening and understanding the other party’s stance and leaning allow a free flow exchange of information that is acknowledged and comprehended by both.
This skill is useful in all types of exchanges: Business to Business, within a Business & Business to Customer. Exchanges within a business can benefit from this both up and down the hierarchy as well as within divisions as this would have a positive impact on the overall efficiency of the business. Exchanges with other businesses are often done strategically and they are aware of each other’s point of view, as they tend to be aware of each other advantages and disadvantages in the business environment. Exchanges with customers that focus on the needs of the customers or understanding their point of view are usually the most successful at getting their message across as both parties feel equally engaged.
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