Business community condemn smearing campaign against FPCCI


The business community, condemning the false and malicious campaign launched by the group defeated in series of annual elections of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) reposed their confidence in the honesty and sincerity of the leadership of United Business Group (UBG) that bagged popular major chunk of vote bank due to their concerted efforts for safeguarding the interests of the business community in Pakistan.
In a joint statement issued here, FPCCI former presidents Ilyas Balor, Mian Muhammad Idrees, Zubair Tufail, Roaf Alam,Patron-in-Chief of UBG S.M. Munir, and its Central Chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik, prominent trade leaders including Ishtiaq Baig, Sheikh Riaz uddin, Khalid Towab and others categorically said the malicious campaign launched by some dishonest and disgruntled elements in business community is totally baseless and an attempt to sabotage the interests of the business community.
Senior Vice President SAARC CCI and UBG Central Chairman Iftikhar Ali Malik said the consecutive success of UBG in FPCCI is a token of an open appreciation of trade community in the dynamic and honest leadership of FPCCI as it always worked for solving the problems of traders and small chambers.
While on the other hand, he said the opponent group was humiliated and defeated again and again the annual elections of FPCCI and seeing that they could not come into power through lawful elections, they are trying to defame the present ruling group on fake and malicious allegations.
He said that opponents should adopt democratic process of elections in FPCCI rather than mudslinging.
He said the defeated businessmen exhausted all appeals in all the concerned legal forums which were turned down ultimately because of lack of evidences.
He said UBG believed in democracy and take all decisions with consensus.
“The group always nominates and support people of high integrity, honesty and professional commitment with a strong will to addressing challenges faced by the business community,” he added.
He said that political vibration also equally affected the business growth in addition to absence of water, power and gas as well as high tariff of taxation.
Iftikhar Ali Malik said those who are comparing FPCCI with Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) lack knowledge since FPCCI is new in setup while FICCI is very old.
SM Munir in his statement said UBG has worked hard to enable the business community to live honorably by bridging the gap between the Prime Minster House and business community. The UBG is striving hard to serve the business community. He further said that the small traders and chambers are the arms of the UBG and without their support the group cannot succeed in solving the problems.
He said they raised the UBG to be the only representative of traders and business community that is why their opponents are afraid of the group. He said that UBG is the ultimate destination of all traders and business community.
Ilyas Balor said that FPCCI came into existence at a time when commercial and industrial activities were in disorder, plans were missing and investors were not settled and under these bleak circumstances, it was the leadership of UBG which started working with the government and enabled the country to reach the present state of industrial and commercial development. Ex-President of FPCCI Zubair Tufail said FPCCI kept on advising the respective governments, about the difficulties in the development of trade and industry. On their suggestions, a number of steps were taken by the government to promote local trade.
Ex-President of FPCCI Mian Idrees said despite the shortage of energy and gas, the overall industrial not only survived but also expanded due to the full back of FPCCI.
Former FPCCI Chief Roaf Alam said business community did a wonderful job by forming and strengthening the trade bodies set up throughout the country so that the voice of business community should be made effective.—APP

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