On Bullying and Domination in Class and at Workplace


Muhammad Ali Baig
Why people resort to dominate and try to isolate others in the class and at workplace? How do these people conspire and connive to achieve their objectives? What are the possible cognitive and psychological factors responsible for people to bully others? Apart from professional jealousy, which aspects act as a catalyst for people to opt for rebellious behaviour? Is this behaviour gender specific or women being more emotionally charged or perhaps vulnerable – being the prime victim or orchestrator of domination? Perhaps it is a taboo or a prohibited issue to talk and these queries are harsh for sure – but the growing number of such incidents involving individuals intimidating their colleagues using propaganda, misinformation and disinformation is on the rise in our society and is giving birth to many moral and ethical concerns.
It is observed that powerful and influential people while using their social and hierarchical position try and bully people mostly due to their frustration and perhaps they seek pleasure in the pain of the others. It can be asserted that quite contrary to the previous statement, there are people who while not being powerful try and dominate others primarily due to psychological and mental problems. These people quite often disseminate such information that is not only untrue but intends to incite innocent individuals against certain persons or a group of persons. Women being the emotionally charged species are often the prey of misinformation and propaganda. It is a fact that women themselves have caused much damage to their fellow women in relation to men. Why women do that? Ostensibly, it is a paradox that revolves around another paradox – foundationally based upon the premise of the phenomenon of security – insecurity.
Another explanation of bullying and domination lies in the family culture and experiences of certain individuals. It is noticed that persons belonging to broken families with either of the parent left due to a number of reasons – leaves an indelible mark on the cognition and perceptions of such individuals. The disillusionment or separated parents remain busy in their personal problems and as a result, the off springs become a clever conspirator and plotter. This kind of individuals out of their desperation picks and choose people and attaches certain allegations to them. Among many tactics, they try and falsify ‘love affairs’ and attach their selves to the scandal with one basic motive to get attention of people at large. When their cobweb is foiled by some wise men – these malevolent individuals turn their guns towards the wise men. The malicious individuals also try to victimise the weak and vulnerable ones. Now, the wise men being wise – defeat the conspirators but the latter continue their devilish efforts.
Many people try and live a simple life. They do their job and remain reserved having limited objectives. Simple people do simple things but even the simplest things they do are very complex to understand. Simple persons would always safeguard their honour and would even fight to retain it. It does not mean that simple people are proud and superior but they are unique and different for sure. These unique people never indulge in bad habits and maintain a safe distance from low lifers and the scum. Quite often these simple people maintain such a life style that is perhaps enviable and indigestible for certain individuals. It is not bad at all to own luxuries of life but, to malign simple people – certain individuals begin to blame them for petty things.
Demagogues exist everywhere and among many reasons for people to become a demagogue – feelings of being an unattractive person is at the top. People think of themselves as being ignored and rejected by the society due to their lack of facial and physical beauty. Usually the ‘dark coloured phobia’ prevailing in many former colonial societies leaves people to develop a certain degree of jealousy with the relatively whiter one. The ‘wanna-be but no potential attitude’ of people also contributes towards bullying and domination. Hatred for others, communication barriers and social and cultural differences are also the reasons behind people to become demagogues. The most important thing that makes people a bully or perhaps a demagogue is that they feel threatened due to the unity of others. People try and infiltrate the united ones and even attempt to band-wagon with them, but upon failing they form an alliance of their own – conceivably to balance the wrongly perceived threat.
Similarly, in the field of Political Science, the classical realism of the realist tradition asserts that the human nature is inherently selfish and is obsessed with power and prestige with one underlying principle that ‘one man’s gain is another man’s loss’. While keeping in view this framework, it becomes obvious that domination and bullying is a part and parcel of not only the human nature but the international system also follows the same pattern where states behave like human beings in the pursuit of power. It is a fact that when certain individuals cannot compete in professional, social and academic life – they become obsessed with those persons who are apparently strong, successful and energetic while possessing an immaculate reputation with a commendable character and personality.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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