Bull, an ordinance and a peepul tree..!

WE all agree the honourable judges at the Supreme Court pass judgement only after studying a case thoroughly! And it was only after going through all the aspects of Tamilnadu’s bullfighting Jallikattu, the court decided to ban the cruel sport.
But people protested. They said, to hell with cruelty to animals; it is our tradition! It doesn’t matter if the bull cries out in pain, nor if there is cruelty involved. We the majority want the sport. And to appease the people, an ordinance is being promulgated by the government.
In jails across the country, I imagine, prisoners rejoice at this decision, “Let us go on hunger strike!” shouts a dacoit, behind the bars for murder, “We want the government to change the law, let murder be legalized!”
And in my imagination, I see In Delhi, the government shaking in fear, they feel that with such a majority in jail, it would be terrible not to bow to the wishes of legalizing murder. And across the nation, people decide to go against the law.
A peepul tree behind my house shivered, “They want to cut me down,” it said. “Nobody can!” I said confidently, “The law protects you!” “We will!” said a neighbour, “The branches from that tree hide my sunlight!” “So trim its branches,” I said.
“No we want to cut the tree! The majority of us want the tree to go!” “But isn’t that against the law?” asked the tree to me, just as a bull walked by, “The government has stopped obeying the law!” said the bull, “They only listen to the sentiments of the people; their vote bank!”
The bull and the peepul tree looked at me, both protected by the law, but both scared of a government bowing to the whims of people. “What are you going to do?” asked the bull and the tree. “Record it!” I said simply. “Ordinances can be passed by chief ministers and their cabinet to defy the supreme court, and secretaries of managing committees can make decisions to defy the protection of trees, but record the event and the law will act. Even if it takes time!”
“But meanwhile our tails will be pulled and twisted and we will be cruelly beaten!” moaned the bull. “And axes and saws will be used against me!” whispered the peepul tree. “Maybe!” I said, “But in the downfall of the chief minister and his arrest later, the law will be upheld,” I then watched as an ordinance legalizing murder was passed…!
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