Build consensus on caretaker PM

THE failure of the political leadership to arrive at a consensus on the name of a caretaker Prime Minister is further damaging the already bruised image of the politicians in the given environment. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, who are authorized by the Constitution to finalize the name, have held six rounds of consultations but no consensus is emerging.
As the things stand, it is highly likely that the task would be assigned to a Parliamentary Committee with equal representation of the Government and the opposition but in the backdrop of political polarization it is possible that consensus might elude at that level as well and finally the ball would be thrown in the court of the Election Commission. Should that happens, it would mean inability of the politicians to sort out things at their level and invite other institutions to do their job. If one analyses media reports on the issue, it is clear that consensus is evading only because of unrealistic stand taken by the Leader of the Opposition, who has miserably failed to suggest neutral names for the purpose. There are conjectures that the Prime Minister offered to accept whatever name proposed by the Leader of the Opposition but even if that is true it obviously does not mean that Syed Khurshid Shah proposed name of Asif Ali Zardari for the slot. If leader of the opposition received any offer from the Prime Minister, then he should have come up to the confidence reposed in him. Last time, when the PPP was in power, it did not entertain any name of PML(N) at the Centre and in Punjab and now it is behaving in the same manner when it is in the opposition. PPP is not behaving like a responsible national political entity as far as this issue is concerned.

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