Build by the river..!

Some of us are wise and some otherwise..” Traditional saying. The other day a friend of mine who has converted his duplex flat into five service apartments and given it on lease to a hotel, told me that only guests who were of the level of Vice- Presidents and CEO’s would use the premises. As he spoke a carload of youngsters drove up outside with their luggage:
“Vice Presidents!” I guffawed, “they’re kids!” “Ask them?” said my friend leading me to them. “I’m a VP in charge of marketing!” said one. “Vice President sales!” said another as I quickly turned and came back to my friend. “The youth Bob,” he said with a smile, “have taken over the world!”
I congratulate the youth, but in the same breath ask them to listen to the wisdom of the wise. As you start your take over of the world, learn from those around! So often you may mistake the slowness that comes with ageing to be a lack of knowledge or education as once happened to Professor Einstein:
The mathematical genius was traveling by train in America, when the dinner gong sounded and he left for the dining car taking with him the book he was reading. When Einstein sat at the table, he found he had left his reading glasses in his compartment, but as he could manage to read without them he decided not to go back. As he read on, he came to a footnote which was printed in very small type; which he couldn’t decipher.
He called to Sam, one of the dining car attendants, and pointed out the footnote, “Would you be kind enough to read this to me?” Einstein asked. “Ah sho’ am sorry sir,’ said Sam, “but Ah ain’t educated either!” Or sometimes you may feel that with the string of degrees hanging to your name you know a subject more than any one else and I recollect the story of a famous astronomer who had a young fifteen- year old sit next to him at a dinner. With youthful candour, she spontaneously asked, “What do you do for a living?” “I study astronomy!” the scientist replied. “Really!” gasped the wide-eyed teenager, “I finished astronomy last year in school!”
There is no subject my young friends which you ‘finish learning’ Sit at the feet of those who are wise and take in what they have to offer as the story of the two thirsty men who lived in a barren place:
Because they were so thirsty they went to the Niagara. Stooping down one filled his little medicine bottle with water and said, “I think I’ll come here every six months and fill this bottle!” And the other built his house by the river..!

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