Bug of extremism hits Germany too

HITHERTO, Germany has shown extraordinary compassion and large heartedness by accommodating a large number of refugees from conflict-ridden countries particularly from Syria. Accommodating nature of German Chancellor Angela Merkel could be measured from the fact that her country received a record number of one million refugees last year and even at the cost of her popularity, she stood firm on her stance: there will be no upper limit to the number of refugees that Germany can take.
While applauding the kind-heartedness shown by Merkel towards the ill fated refugees despite severe criticism on the political front, one feels sorry and considers as unfortunate the reports that extremism is spreading its tentacles in the country. According to the country’s intelligence agency, extremist groups are gaining ground in Germany with 1408 acts of far right violence recorded last year. These figures in fact are startling one and while feeling sorry for it, one hopes that the country will dig deep into the causes and take the necessary steps to address the issue before it goes out of control. We have repeatedly been saying in these columns that extremism is a curse, which recognizes no borders or boundaries. Over the years, we have been seeing that extremist mindset is penetrating fast and deep into the European countries. Incidents such as the ban on headscarf by the French government as well as the printing of derogatory cartoons speak volume how the menace of extremism has engulfed the Europe into its fold. Wearing religious and cultural symbols and dress is part of the right of freedom of expression but the countries which claim to be champions of human rights are denying the same to the Muslim population. We, therefore, will urge the European countries to stop discrimination and anti-Muslim biasness as such an attitude will not help but only contribute to cultivate seeds of hatred and result in racist crimes. Since the cancer of extremism is global in nature, therefore, all the countries while rejecting the accusatory finger should work together to address it with full commitment and sincerity.

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