BST injections to buffaloes, Congo-virus affected meat, tinned milk lead to cancer spread


National Assembly Standing Committee for Inter-provincial Coordination was informed Tuesday that the injections to extract maximum quantity of milk from buffaloes, import of meat from Congo Virus affected countries and use of formalin chemical in packed milk lead to spread of cancer. The meeting of the committee was briefed by officials of Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council, Livestock Punjab and Sindh and DRAP.
Director Live stock Punjab informed the committee that the BST injections to Buffaloes cause Cancer disease to the animal and as a result they are dying in large number. He said the children and the elderly people are taking milk of these buffaloes .He said while other provinces have imposed a ban, Sindh government has obtained a stay order. The committee recommended imposition of a total ban on use of BST Injection in the country. The officials disclosed that meat is imported from Congo Virus affected countries; it is confiscated and then again released in the market. They were of the opinion that all the packed milk in Pakistan are fake as no food item in Pakistan is without formalin which is a chemical colourless solution of formaldehyde in water, used chiefly as a preservative for biological specimens but spreads cancer.—INP

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