Brutalisation of Kashmiris in IHK

A REPORT appearing in this newspaper gives a graphic account of brutalisation of Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir, highlighting the need to address the issue on priority basis. Rights of Kashmiri people are trampled through a number of draconian and discriminatory laws, physical atrocities, economic exploitation and numerous curbs. Lately, the Indian authorities have introduced rationing of food under which people are provided food which is not sufficient for their subsistence.
Kashmir was considered to be a paradise on earth but it has become a hell because of unending human rights violations and apathy of the international community towards the plight of Kashmiris. The extent of torture, killings and rapes perpetrated on Kashmiri people by Indian forces are already creating a new record of atrocities. Gouging of eyes, cutting off of men’s genitals, use of ever-new methods of torture and endless curfews, it is rightly said, “would shame Hitler’s SS death squads”. The Indian occupation army’s deviltry such as gang rapes, burning of entire villages and crops, destruction of economic life of whole communities and genocide of the Kashmiri people in defiance of international human rights laws, are everyday affairs. Continuation of this state-sponsored terrorism against people demanding nothing but their birth-rights exposes the black face of India before the world. It is especially unfortunate that there is no let up in gross human rights violations despite the fact that Pakistan is frantically trying to engage India into meaningful talks on all issues including Jammu and Kashmir dispute for the sake of regional peace and stability. Pakistan has taken a conscientious decision to end enmity and go for normalization with India as the region has suffered a lot due to conflict and tension. The fundamental cause of the conflict in the region is Kashmir issue and worst type of Indian atrocities against people in Occupied Kashmir where over nine hundred thousand occupation troops have been given licence to kill. We believe that responding to goodwill gestures and sincerity of Pakistan, India should have, at least, symbolically reduced the number of troops in Occupied Kashmir as part of the measures to create enabling atmosphere for success of peace efforts. We may warn that normalization of relations would remain an elusive dream until and unless concrete measures are taken to address the root causes of tension.

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