Broaden and build

Hashim Abro

It is a painful reality that the PML (N) government has failed to deliver on promises, which at least the incumbent Prime Minister made with the people in Sindh when he was in the opposition. Corruption continues and it will continue and no creation of jobs for highly educated youth. Even in the budget 2016-17 Sindh feels severely neglected. Politicians seek patronage and quotas in making recruitments, postings and transfers of state officials that gives way to disregard to merit, extending favours to incompetent and killing justice and fairplay, and resultantly block progress with their brinkmanship and stratagems.
Like our rulers, our bureaucrats and technocrats appear to be grumpy, angry, frustrated, complaining and dissatisfied with their lives because they themselves have created such an unjust and chaotic society in this country. They have looted the resources of this country to broaden and build their business empires in the democratic and civilized world and done nothing here to broaden and build – wwhat we get are only the false hopes and fake promises. What an irony of our national life that we have such people at the helm of affairs who are more interested in fostering their own personal gains rather than cherishing a positive urge and ambition to build Pakistan and its federating units; they prefer to build their own abodes and businesses.

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