Britons fed up with bankrupt imperial system



With Theresa May’s Conservative Party having lost its overall majority in parliament, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called on the British premier to resign and make way for a new government. Press TV has interviewed John Rees, an activist with Stop the War Coalition, and Andre Walker, a political commentator, both from London, in order to discuss issues related to recent political developments in the United Kingdom.
Rees says Britons are not happy with the current economic and political situation, which is a result of the way their country is being governed.
“For many millions of British people, the old worn-out rhetoric about free market economics, about the need for austerity and about the essential requirement of hanging on to the old imperial policy of interfering around the world is just played out,” the activist said on Thursday night.
Corbyn has pointed out that “there is a link between foreign wars and terrorism at home, between arming and supporting the Saudi regime and the export of the extremist ideology,” Rees said.
Britons see the way of governance in their country as a “systematic policy failure” over 10 or 20 years, he added.
Rees further described the leader of Labour Party as a politician who, people hope, could bring change into their society. “Jeremy’s campaign more than any other thing has been powered by these absolutely huge rallies that you’ve seen around the country,” the activist noted.
The British people “are very enthusiastic about a politician who has broken out of the establishment parameters of debate and said something different,” he argued. An exit poll predicting that the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn would win 266 seats in the British general election is projected in London, on June 8, 2015. (Photo by AFP)
The activist also pointed to the campaign of the Conservative Party as an unsuccessful fight for the prime minister. “It has been an absolutely disastrous campaign for Tories,” he said, adding, “They thought that the Tory leaders in the opinion polls would hold up throughout the campaign it certainly hasn’t done.”
“It is a very very poor election that she (May) has fought,” because “they guessed wrong about the main issue of the election, they thought it would be all about Brexit but it has been far from all about Brexit.”
Theresa May has acted like a prime minister who was afraid of participating in debates and spent time trying to avoid the British public, he went on to say.
Another panelist, Walker, said e saw no chance for the Labour Party to win the election.—Agebcies

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