Bring cost of electric car charger to that of an iPhone X


A “hard-core smackdown of gasoline” is how Elon Musk would like electric to lord it over in the years to come. And if the Tesla boss has his way — he usually does, come to think of it — that day would come sooner than anyone anticipated. Other than himself, of course. Musk was saying these memorable, albeit brutal, lines at Tesla’s unveiling in the US of its next big thing — a roadster that will push all sorts of boundaries in defining speed. And in an electric manner. Musk was not in Dubai for the Motor Show, but there will still plenty of adherents for the electric way of driving around. While electric and self-driving had passing mentions at the 2015 event, now these modes were enjoying centre stage. Alongside all of those fuel-imbibing models on the stands. In Dubai, it didn’t look as if one was going to overtake — or smack down — the other. It was all peaceable. General Motors’ Chevy said it would have the whole-electric Bolt nicely humming through UAE roads in a year’s time. By the time the next edition of the Dubai show turns up, in 2019, enough carmakers will have come up with their versions. In between, there’s always the Tesla Model 3. But industry sources kept harping on one point though — for electric to light up in high enough numbers, the chargers need to be put up everywhere. And in sizeable numbers, even within the same location. “Only if you have scale, only then would the cost of a plug come to less than $1,000 per installation,” said Markus Dodd, Founder of the German firm eCharge and which recently set up operations in Dubai. “That’s about the price of an iPhone X.—Agencies

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