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Bribery, black money and you..!

WE all love talking about rampant corruption in our country. And yet as bribe givers we are part and parcel of the corrupt! We say, there is no way we can get something done without bribing or paying a portion of our transactions in black. How wrong we are. All we need is to stick to the truth, trust in God. Many years ago, I found this out:
This happened during the early eighties, when phones were scarce. We needed a phone desperately; my wife being a doctor, and I a businessman. So, we applied for one. A year passed with no phone, and those days a phone could take up to five years or even more. An insurance agent I knew, realizing I desperately needed a phone for my business, said for Rs 5000/- he could arrange for one.
“Meet me at Santacruz at 5 pm tomorrow!” he told me, promising to take me to a minister in the telephone advisory committee who he said would be able to help me out quickly, “And bring all your documents, and also the money!” he said with a wink. That night when my wife and I prayed, it was a simple guilty prayer telling God, we were sorry to be paying a bribe, but we had to. The next day I left for work in my old battered Fiat. My work site was in Prabhat Colony, Santacruz East, just a few kilometres from where I was supposed to meet my insurance agent with the bribe. At 3 pm I opened my car door, and found I had forgotten to bring my documents.
I got into my old car and rushed home to pick up the papers, and be back in time for the appointment even as I cursed myself for being so careless. I remember reaching home, opening my door, found my wife was sleeping, so tiptoed to the other bedroom where the almirah was, opened it to get the documents, and then heard the doorbell ring.
I opened the door, and found two men, holding of all things, a phone, “Telephone department!” said the first, “We have come to install the phone you had applied for!” No words can describe the astonishment and amazement my wife and I felt that evening as we saw our phone being fixed just a few minutes, before we would have paid a bribe. It was certainly Someone up there saying, “You don’t have to bribe Bob, when I’m here to look after you!” Someone who even sent me home.
Today, sadly, good, supposedly honest men and women, sometimes leaders of religious institutions, indulge in bribery and paying black money, while piously saying, “Sad, how corruption is ruining our country!” “No, it isn’t,” says a Voice from above, “You are! Let me work it out..!”