BRI Syariah offers Halal lifestyle products



Indonesia again held the International Halal Expo and Conference (Inhalec) 2017 exhibition at Balai Kartini Jakarta, 19-21 October 2017. In the event , BRI Syariah participated in offering halal lifestyle products .
Inhalec 2017 held by the Indonesian Halal Lifestyle Center (IHLC) and the Sharia Economic Community (MES) bring the mission of developing halal industry and promoting halal lifestyle.
This international exhibition exposes and discusses 10 halal industry sectors including food, tourism, fashion, cosmetics, education, finance, pharmacy, media and recreation, health and fitness services and arts and culture.
Director of Business BRI Syariah Hilman Purakusumah said, BRI Syariah present to complement the halal lifestyle that is currently increasing demand.
“The presence of BRI Syariah as part of halal products in the national banking services, can not be separated to the current trend of people who choose to halal life style,” said Hilman Purakusumah, Thursday (19/10).
According to Hilman, this event is a good event to introduce to the community how halal lifestyle can be applied in the present era with no violation of religious rules. In addition, how the advancement of sharia banking is facing the digital era like this.
The community is considered to need to know the implementation of sharia principles in syariah banking, as well as the sophistication of syariah banking technology that is not inferior to conventional banking. Like BRI Syariah who has internet banking, mobileBRIS application, with a myriad of ease in one hand.
“People can pay for electricity, pay spp, buy credit, interbank transfers and so forth with Islamic content, where transactions become easier, faster, safer with cheaper cost and certainly halal,” said Hilman.
On this occasion, BRI Syariah offers Islamic banking products with HALAL theme along with BRI Syariah, of course, supported by the ease and attractive prizes at the stand of BRI Syariah.
Starting from Savings Products BRI Syariah iB. Savings that can be activated with an initial deposit of Rp 100 thousand is equipped with various advantages. Among them are free monthly administration fees for savings and ATM cards, 50 percent subsidized cash withdrawal fees, check balances and transfers in an ATM network, 50 percent subsidy on debit fees and various other advantages.
In addition, BRI Syariah also offers micro products with a ceiling of up to Rp 200 million, of which BRI Syariah is the first syariah bank in Indonesia, which is the distributor of KUR Syariah. There is also a special umrah program of BRI Syariah starting from Rp 24 million BRI Syariah in cooperation with six-trusted safe travel with scheduled departures in November or December 2017.
BRI Syariah also accepts haj payment offered at inhalec international exhibition 2017. With open Savings Faedah BRI Syariah iB starts Rp 250 thousand people can get BRIZZI card and open Savings Accounts BRI Syariah iB one million rupiahs people are entitled to get daily doorproze coupon of 10 winners per day.—Agencies

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