To break the begging bowl

The Chief of Army Staff while addressing to a seminar on “interplay of economic and security” in Karachi, expressed concern over sky high debt and suggested enhancing tax base in order to break begging bowl. Beyond all questions, the increased tax base is imperative to soar revenue but the more important of above this are to curtail the massive tax evasion, misuse of tax exemption SROs, bogus and excess refunds and disposal of adjudicating tax cases at earliest possible of all direct and indirect taxes. The tax evasion could only be controlled by audits of all the registered tax payers. A huge tax amount is parked by top business companies. All the sales tax and income tax registered persons/cases should strictly be audited irrespective of business whomsoever is owned with specifically the top ten cases from each RTOs must be audited like that of sugar mills and textiles industries which will surely give huge revenue in short period of time. Secondly the improper use tax exemption SROs in sales and income tax cause huge revenue loss every month must have been revisited and rescinded. Thirdly, swift flowing out of revenue in the form of online refunds vividly involving lacunas of undue excess refunds, unverified production and consumption capacity and fake and flying invoices with over invoicing has caused huge revenue loss which needs to be checked on a war footing. Last but not the least the heavy amount pending with adjudication level of appeals, Tribunals and High Courts needs settlement as soon as possible to increase revenue of the Government. Indeed, the Begging Bowl can only be broken and sky high debt will surely be shrunk when four dimensional strategy: all registered persons across the board audit, controlling highly risk-based online refunds, rescinding tax exemption SROs and settling of pending adjudicating tax cases instantly be worked out besides increasing tax net.

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