Botched operation

Difference that should have amicably been decided through discussion is now contested on roads. The failure of government to chalk out a viable solution to a sensitive issue is evident from what is happening at Faizabad interchange since morning. The backlash of use of power against protesters, which was expected, has gripped various cities of the country. Indeed, it is another bolt from the blue for tottering government People stuck on roads for hours and hours. What is the fault of people living in the vicinity? Why should they suffer severe tear gas shelling? The stubborn headedness of government goes on as all channels went blank instantly because they were showing inefficiencies of security forces and lack of coordination among them. A pseudo-democratic government can do it as it has the legitimate right to usurp basic rights of citizens illegitimately. It is hoped that some sanity will be exercised and a political solution will be sought, lest we enter a civil war era.

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