Boris may wish otherwise, but old world order is finished

Simon Jenkins

THE thoughts of a British foreign secretary on world affairs are like those of a sommelier on wine – they don’t alter the taste. Boris Johnson, so often off message, was back on it the other day at that home of the bland, Chatham House. He gazed at the horizon and declared himself in favour of “a rules-based international order”, and against “reverting to an older and more brutal system, where the strong are free to devour the weak”. He was worried at the emergence of “non-state actors” with contempt for global liberalism. In that favourite Foreign Office phrase, he said, “We cannot allow this to happen.” Big deal, feel my muscles.
The only question just now that matters is: how is Johnson to deal with Donald Trump, insofar as he (rather than Ukip’s Nigel Farage) has influence in the new Washington DC? Here, he is all over the shop. He wants Britain to go on spending absurdly on old-fashioned defence equipment.
He is in favour of NATO countries doing likewise. He is against Russia’s resumed occupation of Crimea and against it winning in Syria, except against IS.
— Courtesy: The Guardian

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