Boost NDMA

CLIMATE change has made Pakistan prune to natural disasters including floods, earthquakes, landslides, cyclones, and drought besides human induced disasters. Establishment of National Disaster Management Authority in 2007 followed by setting up of provincial disaster management authorities has widely acclaimed by all segments of the population with the expectation that these would help a lot in disaster risk management and relief and rehabilitation activities. Ten year down the road, NDMA has established its effective presence but much needs to be done to realize the original objective for setting up of such a body.
Chairman of the NDMA Lt. General Omer Mahmood Hayat, who galvanized working of POF Wah in his capacity as its Chairman significantly increasing quality standards and boosting exports, has been instrumental in revamping and activating the NDMA. After assuming chairmanship of the authority, he has consistently been endeavouring to enlist cooperation and support of the civil society, national institutions including his parent organization Army, NGOs, UN entities and foreign donors as part of his campaign to prepare his own Authority as well as different segments of the society for any eventuality. NDMA is also playing an important role in imparting training to school children and communities on how to mitigate impact of disasters and how to respond during crises. No doubt, awareness, education, preparedness and prediction and warning systems can reduce the disruptive impacts of a natural disaster on communities but there is no substitute to capacity building of an institution and this obviously is not possible without allocation of necessary resources. The scientific and technological advances of the last half century provide unprecedented opportunities for responding to the urgent need to mitigate the impacts of natural hazards. Experts say there is need to reassess the approach to natural hazards and to develop strategies for reducing losses by stressing prevention and preparedness while sustaining and enhancing essential disaster response, relief, and recovery capabilities. We are sure that NDMA has the capacity to deliver as per expectation of the people provided it is extended required support by the Government.

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