Book ‘Strategic Futuring: Islam, Peace and Pakistan’ by Dr. Ikram Azam inspires to act

Syed Hameed Shaheen Alvi

RECENT publication of ‘Strategic Futuring: Islam, Peace and Pakistan’ by Dr Ikram Azam, a famous international affairs scholar and futurist is a nice pack of wisdom opening a window into the future; its reading is definitely a rewarding gift. The sharp theme of the book is obvious from its full-length explanatory title: Strategic Futuring: Islam, Peace and Pakistan. Its contents are energetically interesting and absorbing; reader feels his/her tour of the book has lit up fully intellectual domain.
Dr Ikram Azam is a prolific writer; his contributions have always hit the book stalls even beyond Pakistan. His is an ‘obsession’ with exploration of future; he does not want that future should remain un-accessed; his bold writings are an open invitation especially to the educated youth to get into lands of intellect yet unexplored.
‘Strategic Futuring: Islam, Peace and Pakistan’ is a combination of several subjects and expanding topics; Islam, Peace and Pakistan standing together powerfully reflect on demands and constructs of future of humankind; Pakistan, to me, is in fact a grand promise to the whole community of nations that not only peace would be pursued but it would be practised diligently and in league with the global fraternity. Dr Ikram’s initiative sheds new light on the future of humankind.
Ours is an age of moon-conquest above, and digitalization below, having all the vistas open before humanity; the real progress and prosperity demand a shared destiny; be it media or market, both have had to strive together for its achievement.
Islam, an eternal message of peace, offers rich opportunities to the humankind for building up and fortifying global peace and tolerance. However, a caution should not be missed at all: what we have had to give to mankind for re-invigorating domestic societies and for world peace as a whole, must be utilized fully and should not be allowed bypassing of our humanity-making role.
‘The Strategic Futuring: Islam, Peace and Pakistan’ is certainly a fine timely addition, visible goal-post in the grand search for peace and friction-free future. Dr Ikram has used every nerve and verve of his to enrich the book with requirements of the future as a shared destiny.

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