Body ray

Do human personalities emit rays from within? In our office complex, as soon as my eyesight used to meet two persons, immediately a bitter feeling used to invade my consciousness! I used to get amazed by it feeling guilty in mind for my unexplained strange thought process. But one day I saw one of them in a very rude light. On an absolutely negligible issue, he acted very roughly with the lady food vendor coupled with caustic remarks and venom in tongue! And couple of weeks later, I saw the second man in a vulgar light. On a particular issue, the deluge of unprintable unparliamentary remarks coming out liberally from his mouth was simply intolerable. And then I understood that perhaps their internal filthiness was being reflected through their personalities even with mouths closed!
And in contrast resided a gentleman I used to witness on the Railway platform daily. We were not introduced to each other. Yet his appearance at the morning used to please me. Now one morning as I was approaching a narrow junction through foot from the right side; he reached that very junction at that very point of time, but from the left riding on a bicycle. I stopped on my tracks to let his cycle pass. And simultaneously he also braked his cycle to let me pass! As soon as I saw his cycle coming to halt, I started. And simultaneously he also paddled his cycle on seeing me stop! This start-stop game continued couple of times more, all within few seconds! Instead of frowning, he burst into a laughter following this involuntary misunderstanding! And then I discovered that this tolerant spirit within the personality used to come out from the body of the person whom I used to like without any apparent reason!
Kolkata, India

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