Blue whale challenge

I want to state the {in-}famous ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ game has made its way to Pakistan after causing deaths across the world. Two cases of youngsters, who then sought psychological assistance, have been reported from Khyber Teaching Hospital, Peshawar. It is important to note that the majority who play the game already have a history of psychological issues. The game is common amongst teenagers and young adults who according to a study suffer from increased levels of mental stress as compared to other age groups. Further, signing up for the game enables the developers to obtain the IP address and other important details about players, which are then used to threaten them and their family in case of any failure to complete the tasks.
Since the game has been developed abroad, the National Response Centre for Cyber Crime must take strict action to control downloading the game on smartphones. Given the fact that the game is forwarded through links, the responsible person behind it must be convicted through Interpol and other international bodies concerned of transnational crime. On the other hand, as problems like bullying, peer pressure, low self-esteem are common amongst the youth, it is the dire need of the time to provide proper psychological counselling and care on a regular basis. In situations as adverse and critical as the current one, it does not take much to provoke an already distressed mind to cause self-harm.
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