Bloodbath on Friday

LAST Friday of Ramadhan is observed with religious fervor every year but this year people witnessed bloodbath in different parts of the country resulting into killing of 62 innocent souls besides injuring more than 120 others. Most casualties occurred in Parachinar as a second bomb went off when people gathered at the place of the first explosion. Seven policemen were included in 13 martyred in a suicide car bombing in Quetta while four policemen were targeted by motorcyclists at a roadside restaurant in the SITE area of Karachi.
The attacks sparked widespread condemnation from across the country as the holy month of Ramadhan and Jumatul Wida were chosen to target people, which no Muslim can even imagine. There has also been condemnation by civil and military leadership with the expression of resolve to take the on-going war against terror to its logical conclusion but this would not end agonies of those who lost their near and dear ones in the dastardly attacks. The three incidents have also instilled fear among Eid shoppers and that what could happen during Eid congregations. The ability of the enemy to carry out terrorism in three cities in one day is a sharp reminder that the threat of terrorism is far from over and our security agencies and forces will have to work still harder to face the challenge. The situation, no doubt, had improved a lot ever since the beginning of operations Zarb-e-Azb and Raddul Fasad and Friday’s attacks came after a comparatively longer lull. It, however, seems that the focus of the agencies and authorities concerned has shifted away from the real threat of terrorism. There are also complaints of utter lack of coordination among security and law-enforcing agencies as almost all of them were working in isolation despite repeated claims of strengthening coordination and intelligence sharing, which seems to be a mere rhetoric or on papers alone. There is clear backtracking in Karachi and as a result sniper firing is back. As the attacks on Friday came immediately after Pakistan’s stunning victory in cricket against arch rival India, there are legitimate apprehensions that all this was handiwork of the known enemy. We must stop infighting and all state institutions should join their hands in foiling conspiracies against progress and development of the country.

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