Blood donation

Blood donation is a process in which a person voluntarily gives blood to someone who needs it. Thousands of people need blood transfusion to save their souls. It may be noted that there are many benefits of blood donation, as it reduces the risk of Cancer and Hemochromatosis. It also aids in reducing the risk of damage to pancreas and liver. Moreover, donating blood may also support in improving the cardiovascular health and aid to reduce obesity. Additionally, blood donation is not only good for health but also for those who need it.
However, there are certain myths about the blood donation as blood donation causing weakness. In addition, one of the common thinking is that donating a blood will reduce the haemoglobin (HB) level, which is not true as donating a blood is a healthy practice. According to research, a healthy person can donate blood with minimum interval between the two donation is three months. Moreover, it is important to donate blood in a hospital, clinic or professional environment so it can be screened properly before blood use by any person. It is necessary to promote blood donation culture in our society that helps not only to attain a healthy lifestyle but also helps save other people’s life.
Khairabad, Balochistan

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