Blatant interference from Afghanistan

In the face of deliberate interference and continued mischief mongering from Afghanistan, Pakistani forces had to respond in kind and killed fifty Afghan troops, injuring hundred others and decimated five check posts. Afghan forces reportedly attacked and occupied some border villages on Pakistan side and in the retaliatory action these villages were also got vacated.
Killing of either civilian or military personnel from either side is unfortunate and regrettable as it is loss of two brotherly countries with shared history, culture and faith. The two countries have been living in peace despite some irritants and concerns but these are unnecessarily being agitated by Afghanistan at the instance of Pakistan’s archrival. It is all the more ironical that Afghan forces carried out aggression against Pakistan to forcibly stop the on-going exercise of 6th National Population and Housing Census. Pakistan has every right to count heads on this side of Durand Line, which is an internationally recognised border between the two countries. The Afghan attack led to closure of border as Pakistan has legitimate right to take measures to safeguard its frontiers and in the words of IG, FC, the border is inviolable. Afghanistan suffered immensely due to closure of border on February 16 after a string of suicide attacks killed more than 130 people across the country which were carried out by TTP groups based in Afghanistan and the crossing points were opened in mid-March as goodwill gesture by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. However, it seems that Afghanistan is not willing to reciprocate any goodwill gesture from Pakistan and is bent upon raising the tension. On its part, Pakistan did everything to reduce tension including Sartaj Aziz meeting with Afghan National Security Advisor in London. A parliamentary delegation led by Speaker NA and a Pakistan military delegation led by Chief of General Staff also paid a visit to Kabul very recently. Afghanistan must remember that it would get nothing by raising the ante and there is no other option than talking to each other and sorting out difference through peaceful means. We would also urge our decision-makers to accelerate the pace of border management measures and complete the process of census in all border areas on this side of Durand Line.

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