Blasphemous material on social media problem for Muslims: PUC

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Whole Muslim ummah is united for protection of Namoos-e-Rasalat. There is no greater terrorism than blasphemy of the Prophet (PBUH). The blasphemous material on social media is a problem not only of Pakistan but of the whole Muslim world. The meeting of ambassadors of the Muslim countries on the issue of blasphemy called by the interior ministry will be a source of awakening and uniting the Muslim world. The meeting of the ambassadors of the Muslim countries called by Federal interior minister Ch. Nisaar Ali Khan is a commendable step. The demand of legislation against blasphemy from the UNO by the ambassadors of Muslim countries is representative of sentiments of the Muslim world. The UNO and OIC should frame legislation against sacrilege of the sacred personalities of all religions.
A united struggle should be made for thee solidarity and security of Pakistan, establishment of law and order in the country and the success of operation Rad-Ul-Fasaad provided that its scope should be widened to cover every type of terrorism.
The activities of the Qadiyanis should be scrutinized and stopped. No conspiracy against the dear homeland would be allowed to succeed. PUC would organize TNRCs in Bahawalnagar on 1st of April, in Faisalabad on 3rd April, in Gujranwala on 4th April, in Qila Deedar Singh on 11th April. In Lahore on 12th April, In Okarra on 16th April and in all cities.
This was said by the leaders of religious and political parties and scholars of different schools of thought and the representatives of lawyers, scholars, traders and journalists while addressing the APC for TNR convened by PUC in Islamabad.
The conference was presided over by the central chairman of PUC, Sahabzada Zahid Mehmood Qasmi. The speakers said that the attack on the honour of Prophethood is an attack on the faith and ideology of the Muslims the protection of the honour of the Prophet (PBUH) is the duty of every Muslim. No compromise can be made of the issue of blasphemy. The sacrilege of the Prophets (PBUH), Sahabaa (worthy companions of the Prophet (PBUH), the Pious wives of the Prophet (PBUH) and the family of Prophet (PBUH) is intolerable. The Muslim pay tribute to Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddique and demand from the government that exemplary punishment should be given to those who upload blasphemous contents on social media in Pakistan. No body would be allowed to hurt the sentiments of the Muslims taking shield of the freedom of expression. The speakers said that those who upload the blasphemous contents on social media warn to disrupt the peace of the world. The blasphemy of the most sacred personality of the Muslims, the Prophet (PBUH) of Mercy for the whole world is intolerable. In the conference the speakers while declaring the summit of the ambassadors of the Muslim countries as the reflection of the whole Muslim world said that they welcome the declaration of the summit of the Muslim ambassador.

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