Blasphemous cartoons

The nobility and stature of Holy Prophet (PBUH) has been elaborated by Almighty through divine revelation in Holy Quran and there are over 1.7 billion Muslims all over the world who believe that he is last messenger prophet. Every year millions perform Hajj, because it is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). If any insane individual or group of people, who are insensitive to feelings of billions, resort to such criminal irresponsible acts like printing caricatures or cartoons, they cannot in any way inflict any damage to stature and eminence of our Holy Prophet(PBUH). It is the belief, practice and commitment of Muslims alone which will spread the message of Prophet (PBUH).
Muslims all over the world must not be distracted by such mischievous acts, which by design resort to incite their emotions and spread disorder in Muslim majority states. Holding demonstrations will only weaken their already fragile economies. The only protest which will send a message is to boycott all products produced by these countries whose citizens resort to such insensitive acts like printing blasphemous cartoons and caricatures and not bringing to standstill the economic activity in their own countries. Such demonstrations will have no impact on either Holland or any other country involved in such indecent activity. These religious leaders should instead launch a campaign to promote spread of education in science, technology, economics etc so that their countries become self reliant. One hopes that a few religious leaders stop politicizing sensitive issues and instead launch an effective campaign for boycotting products of countries which allow blasphemous activities.

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