Blaming others for own failures

The US seems to be in a not so appreciable habit of blaming others for its own failures. US-led NATO forces are in Afghanistan for quite some time and are still far from achieving the objectives for which these were sent to Kabul in the wake of 9/11 incident. But instead of setting own house in order and pulling up its forces, Washington bosses are constantly blaming Pakistan for not doing much rather than acknowledging the huge sacrifices {being} made by Islamabad in the war against terror and achieving good results as well. Islamabad has quite rightly reiterated its oft-repeated stance that the USA cannot make Pakistan scapegoat for its failures in Afghanistan.
According to the reports in the media, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria during his weekly news briefing has quite emphatically rejected allegations levelled by US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Joseph Dunford rather in an irresponsible manner about Pakistan’s stance on regional terrorism and said that the US cannot and should not blame Pakistan for its own failures in Afghanistan. He pointedly stated in a justified manner that our security forces have taken action against terrorists without any discrimination and have successfully erased the footprints of terrorists from the sacred soil of Pakistan adding that our armed forces are fully and firmly backed by the nation and are safeguarding the country’s sovereignty and defeating any territorial aggression.
It is worth mentioning here that the present government is focusing all its energies on utilizing the country’s important geographic location as it is located at the confluence of four regions and its foreign policy aims at cultivating and nurturing ties with other countries on the basis of sovereign equality and mutual interest. If Washington cannot treat Islamabad well supposedly as its old ally and acknowledge its efforts to eliminate terrorism then it should at least stop blaming it for own failures and pressurizing it in an unjust manner to fight its war in Afghanistan.

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