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Black Day in Balochistan

Sajjad Shaukat

EVERY year, Baloch sub-nationalists (BSNs) observe March 27 as a black day on alleged annexation of Kallat state with Pakistan in 1948. During this very day, shutter down strikes in small and far-flung areas of Balochistan province and demonstrations of small attendance by exiled BSNs take place. For this purpose, they also launch active social media campaign. As in pursuance of the foreign agenda of the anti-Pakistan countries, these hostile elements distort the historical facts to pollute the minds of the patriot people of Balochistan against the federation of Pakistan; the Baloch must need to know the actual perspective about accession of Kallat state with Pakistan. Undoubtedly, Baloch leaders and people of Balochistan played a vital role in creation of Pakistan and ultimately succeeded under the leadership and guidance of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in achieving Pakistan as an independent state. In fact, Balochistan is an integral part of Pakistan with a history of supporting Resolution of Pakistan-1940, which envisaged creation of a separate homeland for Muslim majority areas of the Subcontinent, as the Baloch had strongly opposed plan of the united India. Unfortunately, there are still certain dissident elements which not only oppose the idea of Two Nation Theory-the fundamental ideological base for creation of Pakistan, but also leave no stone unturned in misguiding the innocent Baloch by distorting the history of Balochistan’s accession to Pakistan.
In reality, before the independence of Pakistan, the territories which are now consolidated into the province of Balochistan did not constitute a settled province. Apart from Quetta District that was administrated under civil law, the rest of the territory was under Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR). The then government of British India constituted a special body of tribal elders known as “SHAHI JIRGA” for consultation by Assistant Governor General (AGG) on local issues relating to British Balochistan. On June 29, 1947, “SHAHI JIRGA” of the British Balochistan as representative body of AGG along with elected members of Quetta Municipal Body unanimously passed a resolution of forming part of Pakistan. The State of Kalat had customary over lordship on the princely states of Kharan, Makran and Lasbela. As these three states decided to join Pakistan in March 1948, the Khan of Kalat (KoK) also acceded to Pakistan on March 27, 1948. The brother of KoK Shehzada Abdul Karim of Kakat having mustered 130 tribesmen started insurgency in 1948 which never took off ground and the matter was brought under control. Regretfully, the BSNs distort history of accession of Kalat to Pakistan and give reference of the so-called insurgency of 1948 by brother of KoK, whereas the document of accession of State of Kalat with Pakistan was signed by KoK himself as legitimate ruler of State of Kalat. Notably, as a result of the general election 2013, the government led by the nationalist leader Chief Minister Balochistan Dr Abdul Malik Baloch was established in Balochistan, while on December 7, 2013; local bodies elections were largely held in a peaceful manner in the province. Again, in the general elections 2018, a majority of the Baloch cast their votes. However, these elections proved that majority of the Baloch are loyal to the federation, and do not favour separation of the Balochistan, as they have rejected the case of separatists, being projected by anti-Pakistan powers.
Even a Gallup survey of the UK official body, DFID, conducted on July 20, 2012, had disclosed that the vast majority of the Baloch people oppose the idea of an independent Balochistan. As regards the deteriorating situation of Balochistan and the missing persons, everyone knows that Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Baloch Salvation Front (BSF) and their affiliated outfits, including another group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have been fighting for secession of the province gets logistic support from American CIA, Indian RAW, and Israeli Mossad. In the past few years, these militants kidnapped and killed many innocent people and the security personnel in the province. They also massacred many persons through suicide attacks, bomb blasts, targeted killings and sectarian violence. On a number of occasions, these insurgent groups claimed responsibility for their subversive acts.
While and India, Israel and the US have been internationalizing the Balochistan issue in accordance with their secret goals. In this respect, in connivance with the Baloch separatist leaders who have taken refuge in Switzerland, Sweden, US and London, these foreign elements use media, various NGOs and human rights organizations for false propaganda against Pakistan’s security agencies in relation to extrajudicial killings, mutilated bodies and the missing persons. Moreover, since the government of Balochistan announced general pardon and protection to the Baloch militants as part of reconciliation process, many militants and their leaders have surrendered their arms and decided to work for the development of Pakistan and the province. Besides, Pakistan’s Defence Forces have broken the backb of the foreign-backed terrorists by the successful military operation Zarb-e-Azb which has also been extended to Balochistan where peace has been restored. But, it is misfortune that based in Afghanistan; CIA, RAW and Mossad have, again, started subversive activities in Balochistan. Now, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project is their special target. Nonetheless, the idea of observing Black Day must be denounced by all the segments of society. Pakistan’s historians, analysts and media persons should point out true perspective of history which is being distorted by the BSNs.
—The writer is freelance columnist based in Lahore.