BISP expansion

PRESIDENT Mamnoon Hussain, on Thursday, launched National Socio-Economic Registry of Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). Under the programme, BISP and other relevant government organisations will be able to reach the destitute and marginalised segments of the society more easily and transparently. Accurate data regarding prevalence of poverty would be collected under the initiative so that people could be made part of workforce according to their capabilities.
As BISP has completed its ten years, it is time that a comprehensive and transparent analysis is carried out as to its impact on the society especially with regard to addressing the incidence of poverty, which as per claims, has been a priority with all successive governments. The budgetary allocations of BISP have been increased threefold over the years and the allocations for the current financial year stood at hefty 121 billion rupees. Under the programme, cash grant is provided to the families registered under the programme but there are question marks on the utility of the small cash for even a medium sized family. It is said that deserving families should be provided meaningful amount to help them stand on their own feet in the long run. It is because of this reason that BISP authorities have been talking about the graduation programme claiming that they are working on different models keeping in view the indigenous requirements so that beneficiaries may be pulled out of poverty by making them self-sufficient through skill development and entrepreneurship. In fact, this should be the ultimate objective of all poverty alleviation programmes as well as Zakat disbursements but so far we have not been able to use these safety nets to produce desired results. BISP is currently headed by active and vibrant Ms. Marvi Memon and it is hoped that she would successfully devise and launch implementation of some genuine graduation programmes that take beneficiaries out of abysmal poverty cycle.

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