Bipin Rawat strategy for IOK

Dr Muhammad Khan

Killing of eleven Kashmiri youth by Indian Army in IOK on May 27, 2017, is part of brutal strategy, the Indian Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat announced in mid-February, 2017. While being in an Army Headquarters in IOK, General Rawat said that those who obstruct our operations through pelting stones will be considered as Jihadis and will be dealt with severely. Besides, he also issued very strong warning for those hoisting the Pakistani flags and demonstrate any pro-Pakistan sentiments. He ordered the people of IOK to, “stop hoisting national flag of Pakistan at their homes and declared those hoist Pakistan flag as traitors. Indian forces will not excuse those who hoist Pakistan flag.”
It has to be kept in mind that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose future has to be decided by its people in the light of UN resolutions. Thus, by any definition, they are not Indian citizens nor can they be asked to obey the orders of Indian Government and its brutal Army. A prominent Indian analyst, Raj Parwani said about this new strategy that, “Countries and communities unite by care and compassion not by senseless so called “patriotism”, acts like this along with hindutwa fever will not just alienate Kashmiris but also alienate Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. Modi with his choice of Army chief and Yogi in UP will leave India completely fragmented.”
Now there is implementation stage of Bipin Rawat’s strategy in IOK. This Strategy has the approval of Indian Government. The first demonstration of implementation of Bipin Rawat Strategy was seen just a week earlier, once Indian Army Chief awarded COAS ‘Commendation Card’ to Major Leetul Gogoi, who tied a Kashmiri youth, Farooq Ahmad Dar, in front of his Army Jeep during polling in the Srinagar by-elections on April 9, 2017. This was done while a court of inquiry against this grave human rights violation was still underway.
It is to be noted that, ‘The army chief’s ‘Commendation Card’ is given for distinguished services and devotion to duties. The action of this Indian Army major, basically an Army Services Corps ranker officer cannot be graded as service to duty in IOK by any definition. It is still unclear whether, this act is part of the morality of India and Indian Army or part of new military ethics/ norms, introduced in the Bipin Rawat’s Strategy in IOK. The Bipin Rawat Strategy is all about ‘subjecting the innocent Kashmiri youth in IOK to further atrocities, oppression and repression.
A senior Indian parliamentarian, Sharad Yadav is critical to the action of General Rawat. He said in a statement that, “Even before the probe in the case is complete; such an act by the government will further aggravate the Kashmir situation.” Indian Defence Minister has appreciated this act of human shield and commendation card by General Rawat.
Through a planned strategy India is carrying out genocide of Kashmiri youth. All inhuman and brutal methods are being used to kill, torture and humiliate the Kashmir youth. Following the award to Major Gogoi and statement of general Rawat, that this would raise the moral of brutal Indian Army deployed in IOK, the mass killings of eleven Kashmiri youth on May 27, 2017 is the first ‘show of power’ by Indian Army in IOK. Those killed include Sabzar Ahmad Bhat, a close associate of the Shaheed Burhan Muzaffar Wani, a social activist, who was brutally killed by Indian occupied forces on July 8, 2016.
As per local people of Pulwama; Saimaoh Tral villages, Sabzar Bhat and two of his colleague were arrested a night earlier and later killed in custody. But a fake encounter was stage managed by Indian Army as part of Bipin Rawat Strategy. On the same day, ‘eight freedom fighters were killed in Rampur and Uri areas of district Baramulla. Since Indian Army have the blanket cover (impunity) for killing the innocent Kashmiris under Armed forces Special Power Act and Public Safety Act, therefore, they do whatever they desire.
The brutalities of Indian Army against Kashmiri youth and innocent people of the disputed state is a grave violation of human rights, the Geneva Convention and international Law. General Bipin Rawat’s new strategy of genocide in IOK is an eye opener for the human rights champions in India, Pakistan and across the civilized world. Alongside the major powers, who have their strategic and economic interests with India, the international institutions are also quite over this mass killings of innocent Kashmiris.
People like Jag Mohan, the former Governor and mass killer of Kashmiris in the decade of 1990 and now another brutal military General like Bipin Rawat may be heroes of RSS and Hinduvita followers, but they are the enemies of humankind, right of self-determination and will not be spared by history at least. Jag Mohan was given Padma Vibhushan Award, the India’s second highest civilian honour for mass killings of Kashmiris in 1990s and General Bipin Rawat, indeed, a cheap personality is also looking for such an award for his new strategy of mass killings in IOK. Whereas, Jagmohan killed over 100,000 Kashmiris in IOK, let us see, how Bipin takes a lead through his newly conceived Strategy.
— The writer, Professor of Politics and International Relations, is based in Islamabad.
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