Bins on thoroughfares irk citizens

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Citizens have taken strong exception to the Sindh Waste Management Board’s (SWMB) practice of placing garbage bins on thoroughfares in the city.
Talking to media on Thursday they said presence of these bins on major roads does not only hinder the traffic flow but has also emerged as a source of serious health hazard for the public in general.
“This is nothing unusual in our context to find that garbage and waste litter around the bin and rarely thrown into it,” said Mohammad Aqil, a senior citizen and resident of Saddar.
Situation has turned from bad to worse since the first shower spell of the current monsoon as no body seems to take the responsibility of their proper removal hence enhancing the plight of the passersby.
Many of the district municipal authorities are trying their level best to keep clean areas that fall under their respective jurisdictions, however, placement of trash drums by SWMB, has turned the issue into a disputed responsibility and not shared responsibility.
A visit to different areas of Karachi, on the first day following a long holiday revealed that, garbage was mostly littered on the sides of thoroughfares with every possibility that expected heavy showers may lead flowing of these into recently cleaned rain drains.
“I agree that close coordination is required among relevant civic agencies but we can not help heavy handedness shown by SWMB officials who despite delegated authority and also provided with funds by the provincial government do not want to deliver,” alleged a senior DMC – South official.
SWMB authorities rubbished the allegation and claimed that bins have been placed at sites that could be easily approached by the citizens while private contractors assigned the responsibility are also duly collecting and transporting the garbage to designated land fill site.
They, however, lamented that citizens are themselves responsible for the situation as they do not throw the waste inside the bin and thus exposing entire communities to difficult situation.
“There is a lack of education and media can play its role in bringing about needed change in public approach towards hygiene and cleanliness,” they said in reply to a question, Mrs Sajda Iqbal, a resident of PECHS suggested that bins needed to be shifted from thoroughfares to corners of broad lanes in every locality as these will be easily approachable even for women.

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