Bilawal warns Govt against creating hurdles in Party’s Golden Jubilee public meeting


LAHORE/ISLAMABAD : Chairman, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has strongly condemned what he said attempt to hinder preparation for party’s public meeting on its Golden Jubilee.

In a statement issued here, Bilawal warned the government from resorting to cheap tactics to create hurdles in party’s public meeting to be held as parts of its Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Bilawal alleged that PPP’s preparation for the public meeting was being hindered at the behest of the government. He claimed that PPP flags and banners put up in the federal capital were being removed.

He added that propagating the public meeting was PPP’s basic democratic right. He added that if someone was of the opinion that Jiyalas could be intimidated through a few policemen then he is in illusion.

He added that PPP’s every action and move was well within constitutional and legal limits and as per the democratic norms.

He directed party workers to intensify preparation for the public meeting at Parade ground despite Islamabad administration’s actions to create hurdles.

Orignally published by INP

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