Bilawal warns against delay in elections


Tariq Saeed


Chairman Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Sunday warned against postponement of ensuing election by any excuse saying the general elections must be held on-time.
“There can be no justification for the delay in the July 25 polls and all political parties should be provided level playing field”. The PPP Chairman stressed while talking to media in Malakand agency
Bilawal Bhutto complained that efforts were being made to push his party against the wall adding that would have negative consequences for the country’s politics. “The caretaker setup is duty bound to hold free fair and transparent elections and that too on time that was the right of every party; don’t push us to the wall”. Bilawal Bhutto said complaining that the local administration treatment with the PPP was unfair and it did not treat us the way it treated other parties. He said he will take up the matter with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).
Bilawal said he has received complaints from his party and other parties that they are being targeted and that they are not being given a level playing field. “The interim government needs to take this issue seriously”. Bilawal said adding PPP will also raise the issue in the Senate.
Commenting on deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s dramatic arrest he said, “I understand the legal grounds on which Nawaz Sharif was arrested but arresting the PML-N workers was not right”. He linked these arrests to the elections and reiterated his call for a level playing field. “Controversial elections will result in a controversial parliament, which is not good for the country,” Bilawal feared.
Bilawal Bhutto hinted at forming coalition government with likeminded parties if PPP could nor secure simple majority. “The PPP is open to the option of forming a coalition with other parties provided our manifesto is adhered to”.
He said he was still waiting for justice in the cases of Benazir’s and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s deaths, much like numerous other Pakistanis await justice in their cases. “The judiciary’s priority should be providing justice”. Bilawal remarked.

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