Bilawal urges revolt against Jirga system

Ambreen killers should not go scot free


Islamabad—Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that masses should revolt against Jirga system, which is deciding lives and deaths of the innocent and unarmed people. ‘Brutal murder of Ambreen ordered by a Jirga in Abbottabad is the worst example how the Jirgas are trying to hold hostage the society to create a ruthless and inhuman world,’ PPP Chairman said while condemning the incident.
Bilawal Bhutto said that tormentors and killers of Ambreen should not any excuse to go off the hook, said a press release issued by party secretariat. Both prosecution and judiciary need to play their responsibilities and help eradicating the menace of Jirgas and Karo-Kari (honour-killings) and set an example of punishments to the culprits, he added.
Bilawal Bhutto said that the PPP has always been raised voice against the honor-killings and Jirgas and has marked these evil incidents as totally unacceptable. He expressed sympathy with the family of poor girl Ambreen and assured them solidarity.
Meanwhile, Coordinator to Chief Minister Sindh for Human Rights Ms. Nadia Gabol has said that practice of holding illegal Jirgas, to settle disputes, is prohibited in Sindh province and Human Rights Department is all set to prevent this invalid ritual across the province.
She also said that the judiciary had also played vital role in curbing such illegal tribal assemblies by imposing ban on holding of Jirgas in April 2004 in Sindh, said a statement on Friday. She said that Pakistan Peoples Party had zero tolerance on violation of human rights in any form, anywhere and would resist any human rights violation in the country.
The PPP had been under the leadership of the PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari struggling for the uplift of the oppressed and left no stone unturned regarding bringing improvement in lives of the masses and for the protection and respect of the rights as humans, she added.
She also said that several peoples especially women were rescued by Directorate of Human Rights after being declared Kari in illegal Jirgas and these all cases were referred always in the court of law for legal justice. No one is above the law and government will not allow parallel system of justice in the province, she said. Teams of Human Rights go even door to door across the province to make people aware of social and moral rights, she said.—APP

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