Bilawal stands for decency

Zahid Chaudhary

Of course it is his crucial entry in the political arena. It is not only his first election as the contesting candidate but he is also shouldering the responsibility of leading his party in the election campaign, and despite facing the baggage of his party’s poor performance of the last ten years in Sindh province, he is taking forward the electioneering with confidence and decency, hoping to perform better in the July 25th general elections. Whether he succeeds in performing better in polls is yet to be seen but he has already impressed many by sticking to the politics of civility and issues.
On the very first day of electioneering, PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s convoy was attacked at Layari with the protesters pelting the rally with stones and smashing windows of the vehicles. Whatever the reasons for that incident and regardless of what his political opponents say about the PPP, the fact of matter is that the young chairman showed the steadfastness and courage to move ahead with the party’s election campaign, and on that very day addressed the people at different points in the provincial capital. He visited several places in his constituency and connected with his workers and supporters. Then one also saw the scenes of charged crowd welcoming and raising slogans in .favor of Bhuttos.
After addressing gatherings in South Punjab, the Chairman visited Khyber Pakhtunkhwa- the province which recently saw an attack on a political party’s corner meeting and the killing of a contesting candidate Haroon Bilour. He could held gatherings there as is being done by other parties but he whilst showing concerns for the security of the people chose not to gather the people at one place. He definitely would have met the party’s workers there and advised them how to move forward in the current scenario.
This also shows how much he is concerned about the security of his people. Whilst addressing the news conference in the federal capital on Tuesday from where he led a rally to Lala Musa, Bilawal Bhutto was very upbeat about his visit to KPK saying it remained successful in motivating the workers and the voters.
In the so far political engagements and electioneering, one has definitely saw Bilawal Bhutto Zardari criticizing the opponents but not a single word has been heard from him that could be dubbed as abusive, foul or rude. Indeed our society has become over politicized over the last decade or so and in the current situation, heavy responsibility rests with the top leaders of all political parties to demonstrate maturity and sensibility in their tone and tenor as being role models, they are closely watched and followed by their workers and supporters.
As also stated by Bilawal, if prominent leaders engage in abusive exchanges then the youth will think that this is how one is supposed to act, asserting we should teach the youth to contribute in a positive way and not that rather than a battle of ideas you have to psychically attack people. Bilawal may be a nascent soul in the field of politics but those
who describe themselves as seasoned and senior politicians can learn the art of decency from the offsprings of Bhuttos.
We expect that Bilawal will take forward the legacy of Bhuttos and continue to tread the path of decency and civility in politics after coming to the parliament that indeed is also vital to free our society from intolerance and extremism. With such kind of politics, he certainly will make his mark on the country’s politics one day and emerge as a successful politician just like his mother Benazir Bhutto.

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