Bilawal orders PPP minister to explain insulting remarks

Asks Khuhro to issue show cause to Pitafi

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A People’s Party Minister in Sindh seems in serious trouble as Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, and sister Bakhtawar have taken a serious notice of his derogatory remarks against a lady member of the provincial assembly, and called for action against him.
During session of Sindh Assembly on Friday, Provincial Minister Imdad Pitafi had asked MPA Nusrat Sehar Abbasi to come to his chamber to receive the answer to his question, which sparked debate in the country.
The Minister kept teasing Nusrat Abbasi, and despite orders from Deputy Speaker Shehla Raza, he delayed answering the question from the PML(F) Member of the Assembly.
The furore went on for almost 25 minutes, but the minister seemed adamant, and kept smiling as if it was kind of circus and not an august House of elected members.
The remarks were made when Abbasi put a question to Pitafi during assembly proceedings, who responded with an invitation to Abbasi to visit his chamber for what he called “a satisfactory reply”.
If that was not enough, television cameras also caught a UK-educated PPP lawmaker, Nawab Muhammad Taimur Talpur, taunting Abbasi. The remarks had prompted laughter from other members of the ruling party.
Bilawal directed provincial party head Nisar Khuhro to issue a show-cause notice to Pitafi and take further action if Pitafi failed to defend himself adequately in his response. Within minutes after the issuance of Bilawal’s statement, Pitafi said that he had already confessed his mistake and sought pardon on the issue. He further said that he will also say sorry on the floor of the House.
The minister also said that he will respond to the notice, when received, and will accept any decision taken by the party leadership in this regard.
Earlier, Abbasi had demanded that the PPP leadership remove Pitafi from the ministry as well as from the provincial assembly.
She said that those dishonouring women from the platform of a party once led by a woman should be sacked.
Meanwhile, Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari, elder daughter of Benazir Bhutto, has also asked Imdad Pitafi, Sindh Minister for Works to extend apology to Functional League lawmaker Nusrat Sehr Abbasi over his remarks he made at the floor of the assembly.
In a reply to the tweet of PPP leader Nafisa Shah on Saturday, Bakhtawar said, “The behaviour of Pitafi was absolutely unacceptable. It is against the ethics of our party that has been led by the strongest of the women.”
Nafisa Shah in his tweet had said, “MPA Imdad Pitafi’s derogatory remarks against Nusrat Abbasi in Sindh Assembly are unacceptable. He must be made to apologise on the floor of the house to Abbasi.”
Imdad Pitafi sparked criticism for his remarks in Sindh Assembly, which were seen by many as innuendo, while responding to a question posed by Functional League lawmaker Sehr Abbasi during a question and answer session.
Meanwhile, talking to a private TV channel, Pitafi said he extends apology to Abbasi over his remarks, adding that he would visit her house personally for apology.
On this Sehr demanded PPP leadership force Pitafi to resign. She also remanded that the assembly membership of PPP lawmaker be revoked.
Nusrat Abbasi said, “I will challenge Pitafi at every forum and initiate legal action against him.” Meanwhile, talking to a private TV, Nusrat Abbasi rejected the notice taken by the party chief, saying that Pitafi’s membership must be revoked.

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